Shreeji - HRA

Life @ Shreeji

At Shreeji we believe that our People are our most important asset. We have a strong culture that helps our people take decisions, develop procedures and strive for the company’s vision and mission.

We follow a constructive work culture pattern where people are encouraged to maintain an open and communicative environment amongst their teams and other co-workers to foster an environment of trust and employee satisfaction.

At Shreeji every employee is given a chance to reach their potential, we provide avenues for personal growth.

  • Personal Growth

    'One who is not happy cannot make others happy' is the simple logic that we apply in our work environment. We focus of the personal growth of our people and provide a challenging environment that helps them shine as individuals and also in a team.

  • Team & Encouragement

    We encourage our people to always be thoughtful, considerate and sensitive to others needs and provide people with support and encouragement. We encourage teams to work in a united manner so that they reach the pinnacles of success together. The company also from time to time takes initiatives and develops programs for the welfare of the employees and their families.

  • Achievement

    We believe in the simple formula that Hard work + Innovation = Success + Target AchievementThis is ingrained into all our employees at Shreeji.

We believe that every individual is unique and brings with them experiences, skills and passions that they can use atShreeji to have a rich, rewarding career and life.

If you would like to be part of the Shreeji family please do send in your resume to us.